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Saltwater Chlorinators & Mineral Systems

Water treament for above ground pools can be done using standard pool chemicals or with newer technologies such as Saltwater Systems (AKA - Saltwater Filters) or mineral sanitizer's which make pool water much gentler and easier on the skin. Both the Pool Frog Mineral System and the Saltwater Chlorine generator's are "green" systems in that there's no need to touch messy chlorine or deal with chlorine fumes.

Pool Frog Mineral Systems and Saltwater chlorination systems are especially good for swimmers with sensitive skin because the water does not have the chlorine odor and it's much easier on the swimmers eyes. These types of water treatment systems are generally a set and forget system. You simply insert the proper cartridge whether it be a mineral cartridge, salt cartridge, Pool Frog Bac-Pac or a Pool Frog BAM cartridge, then forget about it until it's time for a refill.

Intellichlor Saltwater Chlorine Generator
Hayward Aquatrol RJ
Aquatrol RJ
The Intellichlor Saltwater Pool Chlorine Generator is by far the most cost effective chlorine generator in saltwater above ground pools. Saltwater Pool Chlorine Generators take the old school chlorine funk out of pools.
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The Aqua Trol RJ Electronic Chlorine Generator (AKA - salt chlorinator) is designed specifically for pools up to 18,000 gallons.
RJ - Return Jet Connection, Vertical Installation
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Preferred Pool Frog Mineral System Pool Frog Mineral System
Pool Frog Mineral System
Aquatrol HP Saltwater Chlorinator
Aquatrol HP

A Pool Frog System is the complete pool care system. Pool Frog System will make you a believer in mineral pool care with above ground pool water that feels incredibly silky soft, so your skin stays silky smooth.
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The Aqua Trol HP Electronic Chlorine Generator (AKA - salt chlorinator) is designed specifically for pools up to 18,000 gallons.
HP - Horizontal Plumbing, Horizontal Installation
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Nature 2 Express Mineral System
Nature 2 Express

Zodiac Nature2 Express above ground pool sanitizers allow above ground pool owners to bring all the benefits of mineral technology to their existing pool with a quick, do-it-yourself installation. The unit attaches to the plastic plumbing of most in-ground and above ground pool systems.
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