Inground Pool Filter System Plumbing

Below is a great example of plumbing for an inground swimming pool. The pool plumbing was done in such a way that almost any of the pool water returns can be isolated. If a heater, cleaner motor and/or automatic santizer are not used or installed your plumbing configuration will vary to the extent they are removed from the system. Basically, the line leaving the multiport (return or pool port) would then connect directly to the return plumbing going back to the pool.

Please refer to the numbering on the pictures for further explanation. See another filter system.

pool filter system plumbing
Explanation of this pool filter system plumbing is in the pictures and legends below.
pool filter system plumbing
A = DuoClear Automatic Sanitizer System B = Electrical Panel C = Weatherproof 3-Prong Outlet D = Outdoor Pool Light On/Off Switch

pool filter system plumbing
The Green Arrows Indicate the flow of the water through the pool filter system plumbing.
  1. Water from Skimmers & Main Drains
  2. Water from from Cleaner Pump to # 6 and/or # 7
  3. Waterreturning to Pool Return
  4. Water returning to Shallow End Step
  5. Water returning to Deep End Seat/Step
  6. Water returning to the Xstream Slide
  7. Water returning to Cleaner
  8. DuoClear In-Line Unit
  9. Hayward D.E. Filter
  10. 400,000 BTU Hayward Heater
  11. Hayward Automatic Cleaner Pump
  12. Hayward Super Pump
  13. Hayward D.E. Multi-Port Valve
  • A - Backwash line valve installed due to a leaking backwash port
  • B - Tee in the return line going to the Automatic Cleaner Pump
  • C - This line tee's off of # 3 and is then further tee'd and valved so the flow can be concentrated on the either step individually or jointly or not at all.

Valving closest to Line #'s 1, 3, 6, 7 are 3-Way Valves.

Valving closest to Line #'s 4 & 5 are 2-Way Valves

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