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Ladders and Steps for swimming pools are the perfect way to get into and out of a pool. Our above ground pool packages come standard with an A-Frame ladder and the above ground pool premier packages come standard with a set of walk in steps.  A set of steps in a pool is a lot easier to get in and out of the pool. It's a natural walk, just like walking up a set of steps to a house or porch.
Our On Ground pools do not come with a set of steps but they are available as an option. They are not included with the on ground pool kits because not everyone wants a set of steps. They find that the ladder which comes with the pool works just fine for them.
Years of load-bearing use can take their toll on almost any step system. But with the superior structural strength of Luran®, the Hydra Sweetwater Steps welcome years of constant use. Thanks to this strength and durability, there is no longer any need for the complicated and expensive support systems that do no more than level the steps and hold them in place for backfill and installation operations.
Hydra Sweetwater Steps are vacuum molded from Luran®, a state-of-the-art thermoplastic material that offers strength and durability superior to traditional steps made of vinyl-coated metal or acrylic and fiberglass. Because they combine exceptionally high impact resistance with an integral, one-piece design, Sweetwater Steps will last for years without corroding, splintering, delaminating or puncturing. In addition, outstanding resistance to UV light and to extreme weather and ground conditions means even greater longevity.
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