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Why do the CaliMar (Doughboy) liners say use Mil thickness and not Gauge thickness
Why do the CaliMar (Doughboy) liners say use Mil thickness and not Gauge thickness
Author: Staff
Date: January 14, 2022
Posted In: Above Ground Pools

Liner Gauge thickness is an arbitrary number by any manufacture but Liner Mil thickness is a widely accepted international measurement of thickness. 

CaliMar Liners are measured in mil, a true measurement. Don't be confused by the liner gauge "games" played with most commodity liners. Some will call their liner 20 gauge when they only measure 10 mil.

  • An 18' printed vinyl commodity liner Perma 2000 series weighs 41 lbs. and is marketed as 20 gauge and is closer to a 12 mil thickness, while the Doughboy 18' printed liner weighs 75 lbs and is a True 15 mil in thickness.
  • A Perma 2500 series weighs 46 lbs and is marketed as a 25 gauge and is closer a 15 mil, while the Doughboy Expandable 18' printed vinyl liner weighs 84 lbs. and is a True 20 mil thickness.

 Liner Thickness:
Above ground pool liners are generally marketed and sold by thickness standard called gauge. Gauge is not a set number but is a truly relative number and is it's up to each of the liner manufacturers to determine which gauge they want to use for stating their liners' thickness.

The truest measure of a pool liner is done using an international standard of mil thickness. This is an absolute fixed measuring system. Just like an inch is an inch, so too is a mil. Above ground pool liners because of the nature of the pools and their price generally do not have as thick a liner as an in ground pool. Therefore many of the above ground pool liner manufacturers started using gauge as a reference to their particular liners' thickness.

In the marketplace today there are really only two general gauges; standard gauge and heavy gauge. We offer pools with standard gauge and others with heavy gauge pool liners. Regardless of whether it's standard gauge or heavy gauge most above ground pool liners last anywhere between 8 and 15 years.

Our liners are made by the leading industry liner manufacturer and we are 100% confident the liner you get with your pool will last well beyond its warranty period of 15 years.

CaliMar brand above ground pools which are manufactured by the same company who makes Doughboy are the only liners in the marketplace with a True 15 and 20 mil in ground liner thickness. They've a lifetime warranty on seam separations, the most common failure point in liners.