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Can I Install an above ground pool myself
Can I Install an above ground pool myself
Author: Staff
Date: June 22, 2021
Posted In: Above Ground Pools
Installation of an above ground pool is a basic and straight forward construction process.  No specialized skill sets are needed to complete the backyard transformation of a life time.  If you are handy (or have people help that are) and can follow instructions, then this project is for you. 
We've been selling these pools for over 20 years and a few years ago we stopped doing the actual installation, so we could better focus on the Do-It-Yourself process. 
If you don't feel you're up to this project you should be able to find others to complete it for you.  You've a few options.  You can either act as a general contractor and hire sub-contractors to do the various tasks or you can hire one company and have them do all of it.  Again, because the construction process is generic and straight forward; finding an installer shouldn't be that difficult.  Here are some types of companies to look at, though it's not a complete list.
  • General Construction Companies
  • People who do additions on homes
  • Other pool companies
  • Companies who install driveways
  • Landscapers
  • Local Handyman
  • Etc.
Installation of an above ground pool does not have to be done by a pool company.  A general contractor, home builder, companies who do additions on homes, etc. can do the installation.  Installation is straight forward and quite basic.  Below is some information you might find useful in understanding the installation process.  
Please review the information in the links below as it will help you understand the installation process of an above ground pool.