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Knowledge Questions & Answers for Above Ground Pools

There are a lot of questions consumers ask us before purchasing an above ground pool.  Many have to do with product specific pieces of information and most others have to do with installation.  Buying an above ground pool is no small financial endeavor and we want to be sure you make the most educated buying decision possible.  As such, we have put together a rather lengthy list of the most commonly asked questions coupled with answers from our knowledge base.  Some of the questions and answers are specific regarding the CaliMar brand of above ground pools and others are general.  The answers to almost all of these questions would be the same regardless of the pool manufacture and model pool we sell.  If when you're done you still have some questions, please feel free to call or email us.  We are the Pro's and We Have The Answers!  

Our pools are primarily sold as complete packages with everything needed for basic operation to packages that include almost everything you're ever going to want for your pool.  Also we sell replacement above ground pools. If you are looking for discount priced pools which are robutst in quality look no farther than because we offer them as well, with full manufacturer’s warranties at wholesale prices.

Common Pre-Purchase Questions
1. Do you offer financing?  
2. Which above ground pools have the Best Warranty?  
3. What is the difference between an above ground pool made with all metal components, one with all resin components and a resin hybrid pool?  
4. How Do I Find All Above Ground Pools Of A Certain Shape & Size?  
5. What are the benefits of a Resin Top Rail above ground pool?  
6. When planning on where to put my pool, what do I need to consider?  
7. Which are the Best Above Ground Pools?  
8. Are the CaliMar brand pools really Doughboy pools?  
9. Why do the CaliMar above ground pools have the best warranty in the industry?  
10. Which Type of Above Ground Pool Should I Buy?  
11. How do the warranties compare on above ground pools?  
12. How do I purchase an above ground pool?  
13. How many gallons of water are in above ground pools?  
14. I don’t want to use chlorine products in my pool. What are my alternatives?  
15. If I want to use a saltwater chlorination system on my pool, do I need to purchase a salt friendly pool?  
16. Do I have to use chlorine in my pool?  
17. How would the light in the pool return not shock me?  
18. How Do I Buy A Replacement Above Ground Pool?  
19. How do I navigate the tabs on the above ground pool packages?  
20. How long does it take to assemble/install an above ground pool?  
21. How many people does it take to put up the pool?  
23. Can I put a deeper end on the above ground pool?  
23. How can I see what items are included in the pool package?  
24. What upgrade options are available for the pool I am interested in?  
25. Are there any ALL resin above ground pools on the market?  
26. Can I customize the pool packages offered?  
27. Once I buy the above ground pool what else will I need?  
28. Does a 52” wall pool have a 52” of water depth?  
29. Can I upgrade my pool liner?  
30. Why do the CaliMar (Doughboy) liners say use Mil thickness and not Gauge thickness?  
31. What are the different above ground pool liner types?  
32. How do Embassy (Doughboy) Liners compare to other above ground pool liners?  
33. Do expandable above ground pool liners truly expand?  
34. Does wall foam really help protect my liner?  
35. Why do the CaliMar filter systems have the Best Warranty in the Industry?  
36. Can I upgrade my filter system?  
37. Do I need a larger size pump / filter for the ProPools above ground pool packages?  
38. How strong are CaliMar resin top rails?  
39. Why do different above ground pools have different width top rails?  
40. Is it okay to use a salt chlorine generator system with an above ground pool that has metal sides?  
41. Do You Have A Dome To Fit My Above Ground Pool?  
42. What do I need to know about Above Ground Pool Domes?  
43. How do I purchase an above ground pool Fence with a Gate?  
44. Can I put a pool heater on my above ground pool?  
45. Can the above ground pool walls be insulated?  

Common Installation Questions:
1. Can I install the pool myself?  
2. Who do I contact with installation questions on my pool?  
3. Who do I contact for installing my pool?  
4. What type of electricity do I need for my pool equipment?  
5. How clear does the ground need to be where I’m going to put the pool?  
6. Where do I find installation information for the pool I want to purchase?  
7. Can I bring in fill dirt to raise the ground so it is level?  
8. Can I partially bury an above ground pool in the ground?  
9. Can the entire above ground pool frame sit on the ground?  
10. How level do the patio blocks need to be?  
11. How do I know where the patio blocks go underneath the bottom track of the pool?  
12. Can I place the patio block on top of the ground and fill in between the patio blocks with dirt to support the bottom tracks?  
13. How many patio blocks do I need to go under the uprights?  
14. What size should the patio blocks be under the vertical uprights?  
15. Can the bottom rail be suspended in the air between the two bottom plates?  
16. Why Do I Need A Cove on my Above Ground Pool?  
17. How far into the bottom plates do the pool wall bottom tracks/rails go?  
18. When I am putting the wall up around the pool, the ends don’t meet up. Is the wall the wrong size?  
19. I’m filling my pool with water and the walls are starting to “buckle/bow”. Is that normal?  
20. Why does my CaliMar pool have two wall sections and each of those sections have a skimmer opening and a return hole opening?  
21. How much sand goes under an above ground pool liner?  
22. If I want to make a sand and cement bottom to go under my liner, how do I do it?  
23. When I install the liner can it just lie on top of the ground/dirt?  
24. Can I use anything other than sand under the liner?  
25. What type of sand do I need to put under my above ground pool liner?  
26. Can I install household carpet underneath my above ground pool liner?  
27. Do I have to use sand under my above ground pool liner?  
28. How warm must it be when I install my above ground pool liner?  
29. I ordered a 52” liner and when I measure from the liner bead to the seam it only measures 46”. Is this liner to small?  
30. There are wrinkles in my liner, is the liner to big?  
31. How do I get wrinkles out of the liner?  
32. The liner will not lap-over or hook on top of the pool wall all the way around the pool. Is the liner to small?  
33. Prior to adding water, my liner does not sit down on the floor or against the walls in the area where the wall meets the floor. Is the liner to small?  
34. Where should I position the skimmer opening on my above ground pool?  
35. How far can the CaliMar filter system sit away from the pool?  
36. Where does the Pool Frog get installed?  

Common Post Installation Questions:
1. Can I leave the above ground pool empty?  
2. How often should I backwash my filter?  
3. What do I need to do to my above ground pool to be ready for winter?  
4. When I put my suction cleaner in my CaliMar pool it barely moves. The suction port in the bottom of the skimmer does not feel like it is sucking hard enough. Why is that?  
5. Do I need to bring my filter system indoors during the winter?  
6. How long do I need to run my pump-filter system during the swim season?  
7. How do I Order Above Ground Pool Parts?  
8. How can I extend my swim season?  
9. My above ground pool liner has a leak. How can I find out where the leak is?  

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