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Heaters on swimming pools are the perfect fit for any family wanting to Enjoy the Backyard A Little More Everyday... from Sun-Up past Sun-Down. Come on in, the water's just fine with one of our Pentair, Raypak and Trane swimming pool heaters. It's not only crystal clear and sparkling, it's just the right temperature too, thanks to the pool heater. A Pool Heater means the kids won't be sitting around waiting for the sun to come out and heat the pool - they're already in it and they're having a blast of good, clean family fun. From early morning to late evening you'll enjoy one of our heated above ground, on ground or in ground pools.
Gas fired Above Ground Pool Heaters are available in Natural Gas or Propane Gas types. Typically, natural gas pool heaters are less expensive to run than propane gas pool heaters, simply due to the cost of the gas. Gas pool heaters burn the same amount of gas whether it is being run on natural gas or propane gas. A much less expensive alternative to gas are the solar powered pool heaters. Whether you choose gas or solar, a heater is the perfect fit for all above ground pools.
Solar Pool Heaters are Simple Do-It-Yourself Installations that utilize your existing pool pump and really do warm the swimming pool. Solar Pool Heaters provide the same result as gas or electric heaters but without the expense, making your pool much more enjoyable. Solar Above Ground Pool Heaters require no fuel or electricity. No expensive installation of equipment and connections. The same is true for solar heaters for In Ground Pools.
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