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Solar Heating

Solar Pool heaters such as solar covers and solar pool heaters heat above ground pools by day and insulate them at night. When pool solar covers are left on pools, while not in use during the day, the above ground solar cover allows the sun's rays to pass through the bubbles to heat the pool water during the day.

At night, the bubbles of the above ground pool solar cover act as an insulator minimizing heat loss. Pools lose the majority of their heat from the pool water surface and having one of these solar pool covers on the pool is like keeping a hat on your head. It stops precious free heat from escaping the above ground pool. Platinum blanket also available. Purchase one of these solar pool covers today and it will ship the next!

Solar Pool Heaters are great Do-It-Yourself installation solar pool heaters utilizing the existing pool water flow from above ground pools with a 1 HP pump or larger. Get the same heating result as gas or electric heaters but without the expense by using solar pool heaters. Solar pool heaters require no fuel or electricity, so there's no expensive installation of equipment and connections. Solar pool heaters are perfect for yards with above ground pools with no gas.

Swimming pool solar pool heaters will raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 10 F (6 C). or more. It is a lightweight, durable and easy to install solar pool heater. Water simply flows through the SunHeater's many tubes via your existing above ground pool pump where it is heated by the sun and returned to the above ground pool. The solar pool heaters can be installed on the roof of your house, shed or cabana, mounted to a rack, or simply placed on the ground.

  • Solar Pool Covers save you money:
    • Cuts heating costs by 70% or more
    • Cuts water evaporation by up to 95%
    • Save on chemicals and energy
  • An above ground solar cover will keep your pool cleaner
  • Durable and reliable:
    • Low-density polyethylene made fromprime resins that are very durable
  • Solar Pool Covers lay flat and look good
  • Ultra lightweight and easy to handle
  • Clear/Blue above ground solar cover material has higher transmissivity results in better heating
  • Also Available are Solar Cover Reels.

Enjoy warmer water in season, 10 to 15 degrees warmer and extend your swimming season with one of our solar pool covers.

Our durable solar pool covers can warm your pool this year by up to 15°F. Our above ground solar pool cover is made to give you maximum heating properties combined with long life. Our 8-mil above ground pool solar cover is loaded with thermal bubbles that retain heat at night and on cool cloudy days. The semi-transparent blue color of the solar blanket cover allows the maximum amount of solar rays to reach you pool for optimal heating. All of our pool solar covers are U.V.-protected so they last under the most intense sunlight.
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