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In 1997 Pro Pools ( was founded on E-commerce and continues to be based upon E-commerce coupled with full technical support over the phone. The technology is complicated but the mission simple - To Help Families create the Ultimate Backyard Vacation using the best products at a lower price thus creating higher consumer satisfaction. Then and only then is TRUE VALUE experienced.

We have taken our experience from building and servicing above ground pools and inground swimming pools in Middle Tennessee and applied it to our web site by putting the type of information do-it yourselfer's want to know. One of our objectives is to make it possible for the consumer to purchase a complete swimming pool package and either assemble it themselves or act as their own General Contractor given the multitude of information and customer support we offer. Here at Pro Pools we have experienced swimming pool installers available to answer your questions.

This is why you should buy from

Our Home Away From Home
What started as any other typical brick-n-mortar business, has today evolved into one of the Internets dominant backyard vacation sites that assist people from all over the country in creating their very own backyard vacation experience. Our core value proposition:

Helping Families create the Ultimate Backyard Vacation with the Best products at significant savings and creating consumer confidence and satisfaction with competent and complete information / technical support.

"I knew, deep down inside we could use this new business model, the Internet, for the good and wholeness of the family experience” states Brian Lane, marketing director for When we are on the phone with a customer we use a set of metrics to help the consumer find the right pool for them. For example, do they live in town and have building code issues or not, do they have any children and if so how old are they? Addressing whether there are any environmental factors that may need to be addressed prior to installing a pool? When Brian was asked why they do this, he said, “ We try to be certain the experience we’re selling is the experience they receive”. Their website, is the essence of that statement through its extensive use of product information allowing consumers to focus on the experience of quickly becoming A Family on Vacation… at Home.

At Pro Pools we don’t want to sell everything, but what we do sell; we want to do well. We sell with complete and full product knowledge so we can provide a level of customer service that is truly unequalled across many industries”, says Brian.

At you can find products necessary to create your backyard vacation with items such as Above Ground Pools and Inground Pools and On Ground Pools, swimming pool heaters, pumps, filters and other pool accessories.

Our mission is simple; Making Everyday a Vacation at Home and they plan on doing this by sticking to their knitting… the Backyard.

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