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Swimming pool water treament can be done using standard pool chemicals or with newer technologies such as Saltwater Systems (AKA - Saltwater Filters), ozonators or mineral sanitizers which make pool water much gentler and easier on the skin. Both the Pool Frog Mineral System and the Saltwater Chlorine generator's are "green" systems in that there's no need to touch messy chlorine or deal with chlorine fumes.
Pool Frog Mineral Systems and Saltwater chlorination systems are especially good for swimmers with sensitive skin because the water does not have the chlorine odor and it's much easier on the swimmers eyes. These types of water treatment systems are generally a set and forget system. You simply insert the proper cartridge whether it be a mineral cartridge, salt cartridge, Pool Frog Bac-Pac or a Pool Frog BAM cartridge, then forget about it until it's time for a refill. Pool Frog is the perfect saltwater alternative for great sanitization.
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