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Home Imagery and Information for On Ground Pools

Imagery and Information for On Ground Pools

Pictures of possible finishes around the pool:

This On Ground Pool has a Concrete deck around half of it and a raised wood deck around the other half.

Another View of the elevated wood deck

This is the other half of the pool with the concrete deck finish.
Note how on the far end of the pool where the yard just falls off, making an on ground pool the perfect
pool for this type of yard.

Here you can see the yard really falling off and where the raised deck in item number 1 above will be located.

Below is an on ground pool that has been back-filled with gravel, but note the retaining wall they made. Retaining wall blocks came from a Big Box hardware store.

Stamped Concrete Deck finish can be done also, as seen above.

So, what are the side walls held up by if you don’t have to back-fill against them?

Side buttresses which are secured with J-Bolts poured into an 8” hole as seen below.
If you would like you can leave the steel buttresses exposed or back-fill around them, deck over them, etc. 

This is a finished rough grade on this side of the pool and end. Customer is going to bring in additional top soil to plant grass up to the edge of the pool on this side and have a raised wood deck on the other side



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