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Inground Pool Construction - Perimeter Concrete Footer

Following are some general photographs dealing with pouring the concrete footer around the outside of the inground pool wall system.  This should ONLY be done once the pool is within 1/4" of being level at any point around the pool and the pool firmly secured in place with drive stakes and other material.  It may be necessary to use hand mixed bags of concrete to initially and securely secure the pool walls for the perimeter pour.
Perimeter Concrete Foot Picture
1. The concrete should be initially be placed up against the pool wall gently by hand or with a concrete pump.  The step should have concrete placed under it up to and touching the bottom step.  It is critically important to not allow the concrete to get "dumped" into the area as it may move the pool wall and make it out of level and/or square.

Perimeter Concrete Footer Pics
2. Once the initial layer of concrete base is down around the pool wall things will go much faster as you can then start moving along the perimeter and add the concrete by hand from outside of the pool.  Here the concrete is still being added by hand but it is NOT being thrown against the pool wall. Instead is is being dropped right beside the wall and allowed to gently 'sloff' up against the wall.

Perimeter Concrete Footer - Finished
3.   Finished look at the perimeter concrete footer for in ground pools.  In 24 hours the concrete should be solid enough to walk on and the pool is firmly and securely in place for years to come.

Concrete Footer
4.  This picture shows the pipe which will go to the main drains surrounded by concrete.  This pipe is tunneled under the pool wall and once the footer is poured it's secure.  Also notice in the lower left hand part of the picture the grounding wire which is secured to the pool wall under the concrete. An electrical rough inspection was done prior to pouring the footer.

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