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Inground & On Ground Pool Construction - Pool Return

OnGround Pools Construction Picture
This pool return is plugged for pressure purposes. It is good practice to pressure test all of the lines with air or water after they're first installed, after you backfill and after the deck is poured. You don't want to wait until the pool is full of water and then find out you have a leak.
OnGround Pools Construction Picture
This is how the inground pool return should look when installed in the pool wall. Notice the pipe comes out of the pool return and then makes a ninety degree turn down into another ninety degree fitting, which then runs it away from the pool approximately 8 inches and then into another ninety degree fitting which goes back toward the filter system.
OnGround Pools Construction Picture
After we poured the concrete footer, we back filled with 3/4-inch gravel around the pool and up close to the fittings. Notice how we turned the top elbow down to allow the plumbing to run flat, across the stones. This helps prevent further ground settling from causing a leak.



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