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Pool Safety Cover FAQ's

  1. What makes up a safety cover?
    Safety covers come in a variety of colors (green, blue, and black) and grades (standard grade polypropylene mesh, commercial grade polypropylene mesh, and reinforced lightweight vinyl). They are oftentimes, custom-made to the shape of an inground pool, and secured through a series of sewn straps with attached buckled springs, which in turn, secure under tension to threaded brass anchors set in the pool deck.
  2. Are safety covers only used for safety?
    No. Pool owners may purchase their safety covers to use as their primary winter cover. The safety cover provides a barrier to keep out winter debris while lasting many years longer than the traditional winter cover.
  3. Are the brass anchors set in the deck obtrusive?
    All deck anchors set flush into the deck when not in use. The threaded inserts easily secure back into the anchor with the special Allen key provided with each cover.

  4. Is it easy to remove and store the cover?
    Typical sized safety covers go on and remove in about 15 to 20 minutes after initial installation using the provided tensioning tool. Each cover comes with a mesh drawstring storage bag. A mesh safety cover is fan folded to a size small enough to fit in the storage bag. The bag is then hung or stood upright in a dry, secure place until ready for use in the Fall.

  5. My pool has a lot of special features (i.e., an attached spa, waterfall, ladders, wood deck, planter beds, etc.) Can you possibly make a cover to fit?  
    Century Products has a number of unique and convenient treatments and hardware that allow us to design a cover for any inground pool built.

  6. Mesh vs. solid: Which is best?
    The answer to this question will depend on your pool use and your pool needs. Mesh covers weigh half as much, cost less, and are guaranteed longer than a solid cover. However, if your pool use falls short of a Memorial Day to Labor Day season, and you still desire relatively clean water every opening season,(with minimal off-season chemical use), the solid cover may be the choice for you. Bear in mind that the solid covers do require proper tension for drainage, and a solid cover will need to be cleaned before it is stored. If you are willing to run your pool a bit earlier than Memorial Day, and later than Labor Day, the mesh cover is your best bet! A good winter chemical kit used in conjunction with your mesh cover should provide for easy and clean startups each Spring!

  7. What are the warranties on the different covers?
    Solid covers are warranted for 10 years. Standard grade mesh covers are warranted for 12 years. Commercial grade (SuperMesh) covers are warranted for 20 years. It is ideal for pools with rough brick or stone copings, high snow load areas, and high wind areas.

  8. Who can I contact if I have additional questions?
    Feel free to contact us Toll Free at 888-352-7582

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