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Putting up the Walls - Steel Wall Pools

Putting up the walls is mostly just butting the ends together and securely bolting them together. Well, there's a little bit more to it than that. Critical points on the walls is making sure that they are properly positioned in elevation, dimensionally and plumb.

All pools have cross dimensional measurements available to make certain the pool sits squarely on the ground. You should perform a true diaganol measurement and point to point measurements.
Once the walls are fully assembled together you should be able to go to any spot around the top of the pool wall and it be within 1/4" of level of any other point around the top of the pool wall. Do that and you're doing great. Wall elevation should be the last thing you do with wall assembly.

1. Steel wall pool assembly isn't that much different than polymer. You should wear gloves to protect your hands from getting cut on the edges of the steel. If the panels sit in direct sunlight they may become to hot to handle bare handed. If the pool is slightly over-dug, like this one, blocks and/or wood shims are recommended to bring the pool up to the proper grade. Currently this pool is not to the proper grade and is not square.

2. When the steps adjoin a wall panel at an angle an angled filler must be added to make the transition as shown.

3. Tape can be used to help hold the step supports in place until the concrete footer is poured. Step supports should should be snug against the step. Once the footer is poured around the pool the step supports should be quite secure.

4. At times it may be necessary to hold the step braces in place using duct tape until the concrete footer is poured.

Angled Turbuckles
5. These steel turn buckles will get a galvanized steel stake driven through the slot in the back of the plate. The adjustable turnbuckles will adjust the plumb of the walls of the pool.

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