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Safety Cover Step Location

Merlin Safety Pool Covers
When trying to determine step location, stand at the of the pool opposite from where the step is located and look toward the end of the pool with the step. If the step is on the right hand side, then it's a right hand step and vice versa.
PoolTux and Arctic Armor Safety Pool Covers
When standing at the shallow end of the pool, looking toward the deep end; if the step is on the right, it is a right hand step and vice-versa.
If your step is on the long side of the pool you will need to determine the step offset from the end of the pool. To do this, measure the distance from the edge of your step to the end of the pool. To make it more exact you can draw a continuation line from the end of the pool outward past the step. Then just measure the distance between the line drawn and the edge of the step.
Generally step off sets will be either 0" (Flush), 6", 1', 2' or 4'.
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