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11' x 25' Oval Above Ground Pool Liners | Flat Bottom

Below are all virgin vinyl pool liners for 11' x 25' Oval above ground pools. We offer different patterns with different methods of being secured to the pool wall. For an explanation of the different methods, please see below.
Points on Liner Thickness:
  • Mil is an actual measurement of thickness, gauge is not. Mil is thicker than gauge
  • 15 Mil liners are thicker than 20 gauge liners
  • 20 Mil liners are thicker than 25 gauge liners and are a true in ground pool liner thickness
Liner Types:
Standard Above Ground Pool Liners are also called LapOver above ground pool liners or OverLap Pool Liners. Beaded liners were the only available option for above ground pool liners until the advent of the J-Bead liner. However, the J-Bead liner by itself did not lead to wide spread market acceptance so, the UniBead liner was created. The UniBead liner is the best of both of these worlds. It has the "J" to hook over the wall and it also has the "bead" to be used in a bead receiver.
Please note that if you want to use a UniBead liner as a beaded or "hung liner", you will have to use it with a bead receiver.
Which liner fits my wall height?
The description of the liner will give that answer. For example:
    • A description of 27' Round Blue Slate 54" EZ-Bead Liner (Standard Gauge) | LA5RB2700BS4STX means the liner fits a 54" above ground pool wall as noted by the 54" in the description.
    • A description of 21' Sunlight Overlap Pool Liner for 48" - 52" Pools | NL950520 means the liner fits either a 48" or 52" above ground pool wall as noted by the 48" - 52" in the description.
EZ-Bead and UniBead are interchangeable terms/words.
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