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48" Wall Pools

Above ground pools with 48" tall walls are considered the more traditional above ground pool. Back in the days of their greatest popularity they were the above ground pools with the tallest wall height, thus making them the deepest and best above ground pools on the market.  After decades of uninterrupted popularity they were slowly replaced in popularity by the 52" wall above ground pools.
This wall height is still sold in the marketplace and will be for years to come. The best 48" wall above ground pool we have are the Captiva Above Ground Pools. Captiva is made of a heavier gauge steel than other pools, meaning this pool is built to last. The rugged 6" top rails and 6" fully supportive uprights provide the heavy duty support needed for years of family fun. Decorator resin top caps give the Captiva a deluxe upscale look and are color coordinated to match the frame and top rail.  To see all available pool sizes within a each model, click on the  "MORE SIZES & SIMILAR POOLS" tab after the pool model is selected.
48" Wall Above Ground Pools
Pristine Bay 12' Round Steel Above Ground Pools with Standard Package | 48" Wall | <u>FREE Shipping</u> | 60371
Pristine Bay Above Ground Pool Kits | FREE Shipping | 48" Wall
Echo 15' Round Above Ground Pool with Standard Package | 48" | PPECH1548 | FREE Shipping | 63043
Echo Above Ground Pool Kits | 48" Steel Wall | Free Shipping
Intex Graphite Gray 15' 8" Round Panel Above Ground Pool Kit | 49" Tall | 26383EH | 62530
Intex Graphite Gray Round Panel Pool | 49" Wall Free Shipping
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