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Expandable Above Ground Pool Liners

These heavy gauge expandable liners suit any above ground pool user looking for a deeper pool experience. Our liners can expand up to 60" and 72". You'll have plenty of backyard fun with a deeper pool this summer. All liners are comprised virgin vinyl material making them the top contender.
  1. Expandable liner Instructions for Wilbar Pools
  2. Expandable liner Instructions for CaliMar Pools
Expandable liners are not expandable in the sense that they stretch.  Expandable liners have a specific fixed maximum detph.  They are made of vinyl material that is only made to slightly stretch due to its pliability.  The term expandable liner originates from the concept of a flat bottom above ground pool. Taking a flat bottom pool mindset and expanding it to have a slightly deeper swim area.
Several years ago there were only flat bottom above ground pools.  A fixed depth if you will.  Then a liner was designed that would allow the flat bottom concept to be expanded to include a deeper area for swimming.  Thus the birth of expandable liners.  Today, the expandable liner depths now vary from 60" to 72" depending upon the liner manufacture.
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