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Merlin Safety Pool Covers even hold up to Hurricanes

We recently received a phone call from a proud owner of a Merlin SmartMesh Safety cover about getting his current cover replaced.
I inquired as to why and was told that it was due to Hurricane Sandy. The customer went on to say the wind had blown a tree over into his pool but had no idea the size. After receiving the picture with the tree lying on the cover, I shook my head and thought to myself that the cover did what it was supposed to do.

Now, can you just imagine how good it will do if something, someone much lighter got on the cover? Nothing, really. Maybe they would get a little bit wet but certainly the cover is designed and certified to hold a person. If it can hold this tree after more than a week the tree is still laying on the pool and the cover is still holding strong. See for yourself below.

Hurricane Sandy couldn't beat down the strength of the Merlin SmartMesh Safety Cover!

Tree on Merlin SmartMesh Safety Cover
The red box notes where the base is and the blue line is the height of the tree laying down, estimated at over 50 feet tall. The force of the tree coming down on that cover must have been immense, but this certified-safe safety cover did what it's supposed to do............TAKE IT!

Hurricane Sandy


The force of the tree falling onto this cover was well beyond what the ASTM standards, yet this cover withstood that "Fall Force" factor and is still holding the tree. Note - Tree is only left in its location until an insurance adjuster comers out to determine damage.

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Read our Pool Safety Cover FAQ's list.

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