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Round Pools by Size

Explore all of the Round Above Ground Pools by size we offer. Hands down the best value and most fun above ground pools on the market today. Round Above Ground Pools make a great place to have your very own stay at home vacation. There is a wide assortment of quality pools to choose from with the primary differences between the pools being warranty, wall design, wall height, product component structure and more.  Round above ground pools are perfect for the families looking for a robust amount of room while still feeling united.  From 12' round to 33' round; we have a pool which will satisfy all of your aquatic desires. Make a well informed buying decision and increase your above ground pool knowledge by reading our "Knowledge Questions & Answers for Above Ground pools".
Round Above Ground Pools by Size
(Click a size to see all models available)
Round Above Ground Pools by Size
Over 25 different models to choose from
There are primarily three different above ground pool wall heights available on the market today. They are 48", 52" and 54" walls with the 54" above ground pool being the tallest and newest design of the three. All above ground pool models are available in both round and oval shapes. You’re certain to fall in love with one of our complete pool packages with 8 Year Full Warranties and Free Shipping! All pool kits below come with the equipment and accessories necessary for the pool to fully assembled and basic operation. No additional equipment is required; though we do offer some exclusive upgrade packages to enhance your backyard vacation destination.
Above ground pool components were at one time made solely of steel or metal alloys. Today, the pool walls are still steel but today manufacturer's like Doughboy and Wilbar (Seaspray Pools) are using resin components in several of their models to increase their strength, sturdiness and product longevity.
There are essentially two classes of resin above ground pools. There's Resin and Resin Hybrid. Resin Above Ground Pools use the same steel wall but all other components are made of 100% resin. The Resin Hybrid pools again utilize the steel wall but us a mixture of steel and 100% resin components. Generally, these pools are very competitively priced and are just a strong as the all resin pools.
H.I.I. the manufacturer of Doughboy above ground pools is also the manufacturer of the CaliMar® resin hybrid above ground pools. These are the strongest, longest lasting models of pools on the market and all carry an unprecedented 8 Year - 100% warranty along with a lifetime warranty on the above ground pool liners.
Above Ground Information & Installation Tips  
  52" Walls
(Approx. Gallons)
54" Walls
(Approx. Gallons)

Yards of Sand
12' Round 3,568 3,704 1
15' Round 5,068 5,260 1  -  1-1/2
16' Round 5,382 5,586 1-1/2
18' Round 7,298 7,575 1-1/2  - 2
21' Round 9,930 10,307 2-1/2  -  3
24' Round 12,974 13,467 3  -  3-1/2
27' Round 16,420 17,044 3-1/2  -  4
28' Round 16,995 17,641 4
30' Round 20,710 21,497 5
33' Round 27,500 28,545 6
Gallons and Yards of Sand Needed under the liner are approximates.
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