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Saltwater Pools

Saltwater above ground pools are an increasingly popular alternative to using traditional harsh chemicals for sanitation. Using a low level of salt, a chlorine generator converts that salt into chlorine that sanitizes your pool water. This method of chlorination allows for silky smooth water that is much gentler on our skin, eyes and hair. Only the pools listed below are warranted by the manufacturer for use with salt water systems. This is done through the use of resin and/or aluminum components which not only hold up to the salt water, but are also easier to assemble. Salt water chlorination systems are generally maintenance free methods of water treatment systems and frees the pool owner from having to handle and store potentially hazardous chemicals. All of the pools below are manufacturer approved as salt friendly above ground pools without fear of voiding the pool warranty. Though on a few select models a salt water friendly upgrade kit may need to be purchased.
Make a well informed buying decision and increase your above ground pool knowledge by reading our "Knowledge Questions & Answers for Above Ground pools".
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Saltwater Above Ground Pools
Azor <b>All Resin</b> 12' Round Above Ground Pool Kit with Standard Package | 54" wall | 55341
Azor Resin Pool Packages | 54" Wall
Magnus 12' Round Resin Hybrid Above Ground Pool Kit with Standard Package | 54" Wall | 55472
Magnus Round Resin Hybrid Pool Packages | 54" Wall
Ultimate 15' Round Above Ground Pool Kit | Brown Synthetic Wood Coping | Free Shipping | Lifetime Warranty | 61002
Ultimate Epoxy Powder Coated Steel Pool Kits | Free Shipping | 52" Wall
HydroSphere 15' Round Above Ground Standard Package Pool Kits | 52" Wall | <b>Lifetime Warranty</b> | 60046
HydroSphere Round Pool Kits | Free Shipping | 52" Wall
Regency LX 12' Round <b>Resin Hybrid</b> Above Ground Pool with Standard Package | 54" wall | 59976
Regency LX Round Resin Hybrid Pool Packages | 54" Wall
Magnus 15' Round <u>Aluminium</u> Wall <b>Resin Hybrid</b> Above Ground Pool with Standard Package | 54" Wall | 60013
Magnus Resin Hybrid Round Pool Packages | 54" Aluminium Walls
Resin Above Ground Pools
Resin above ground pools are considered to have an all resin component structure, excluding the pool wall.  These saltwater pools with resin components are much quicker and easier to assemble and install. The reason is because the components are all precision made to fit together. The resin pool parts are also stronger and more durable than the metallic components they take the place of. This assures you of years of trouble free swimming in your saltwater above ground pool.
Aluminum Above Ground Pools
Aluminum above ground pools are normally made with a slat wall configuration.  The wall is put together with aircraft technology designed components that are sure to stand strong. The components go together in a specific designation ensuring pool integrity and strength.
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