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CaliMar/Doughboy Above Ground Liners

If you have an above ground pool and are looking for a replacement liner, there is no better choice than the liners from the manufacture of Doughboy pools. Doughboy pool liners are the thickest on the above ground pool market, some measuring in at a dense 20 mil thickness, which is as thick as an in ground pool liner.
When it comes to thickness of above ground pool liners, Doughboy does it best due to their true measurement standard—mil. Mil is a standard international unit of measurement used to describe the thickness of an object, however you mostly see above ground pool liners measured in gauge. Using gauge to measure thickness will not guarantee you accurate results.
For more information, see The Truth About Pool Liners.
What sets Doughboy above all other liner manufacturers is the virgin vinyl material that allow for more plasticity, durability, and integrity. Doughboy liners do not contain plastic fillers like many other above ground pool liner manufacturers, which severely decreases the strength and life of the liner. Our Calimar brand above ground pools which are manufactured by the same company who makes Doughboy pool and liners.  These are the only liners in the marketplace with a True 15, 20 mil and 25 mil liner thickness.  That's equivalent to an in ground pool liner thickness. Liners on CaliMar above ground pools come with a 100% Lifetime Warranty on seam separations, the most common failure point in liners.
Here at ProPools, we have liners that fit all sizes and shapes. See our selection to get your premium above ground pool liner.
16' Round Aurora Pattern Overlap Liner | 15 Mil Liner | 3000 Series - Standard Duty (SD) | 6-1600 AURORA
Aurora Pattern Overlap Liner for 48" - 52" Pools | 15 Mil | Lifetime Warranty
16' Round 52" Rio Pattern 15 Mil Liner | 3000 Series - Standard Duty (SD) | Beaded Liner | 6-1600 RIO
Rio Pattern E-Z Bead Liner for 52" Pools | 15 Mil | Lifetime Warranty
16' Round 54" Rio Pattern 15 Mil Liner | 3000 Series - Standard Duty (SD) | Beaded Liner | 6-1600 RIO
Rio Pattern E-Z Bead Liner for 54" Pools | 15 Mil | Lifetime Warranty
Liner Types:
Standard Above Ground Pool Liners are also called LapOver above ground pool liners or OverLap Pool Liners. Beaded liners were the only available option for above ground pool liners until the advent of the J-Bead liner. However, the J-Bead liner by itself did not lead to wide spread market acceptance so, the UniBead liner was created. The UniBead liner is the best of both of these worlds. It has the "J" to hook over the wall and it also has the "bead" to be used in a bead receiver.
Please note that if you want to use a UniBead liner as a beaded or "hung liner", you will have to use it with a bead receiver.

  • Mil is an actual measurement of thickness, gauge is not.
  • Mil is thicker than gauge
  • 15 Mil liners are generally thicker than 25 gauge liners
  • 20 Mil liners are inground pool liner thickness

Why do I Need Pool Cove?
The red arrows represent the force of water pushing against the Earth and the pool wall. The point where these two forces meet is indicated by the purple arrow. At this point, the net force is of such magnitude that it will force your liner under your pool wall and can cause it to rupture. A cove disperses those forces so that the liner will not slip under the wall.

These liners are just that good which is why they're able to offer the industries most comprehensive and exhaustive warranties. No one else has this strong of an above ground pool liner warranty.
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