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Pool liners are the “heart” of all swimming pools whether they be inground pools, on ground pools or above ground pools. Not only does the pool liner accentuate the pool but it can also be a common thread to the backyard ambiance. The pattern border around the top of the liner is generally the most important piece of liner selection followed by the wall and floor pattern. Choosing a complimentary border is generally done by looking at the color scheme of the border pattern and its geometric shape or design.
2022 Cardinal In Ground Pool Kit Liners
2022 Rockwood & HydroSphere Pool Kit Liners
Inground Pool liners today generally have a tile border theme and there are literally hundreds on the market to choose from. We have looked at almost every one of the patterns available today and have chosen only the best looking well rounded patterns and designs which will compliment almost any backyard setting.
Once the liner design has been chosen the next most important piece of making the vinyl liner decision is choosing the proper liner thickness. For inground pools there are 20 mil, 27 mil and 30 mil thicknesses available with the most common thickness being 27 mil. 20 mil thickness is fine for the vast majority of inground pools and were the most popular thickness until recently.  Because of this all of our 20 mil and 27 mil liners are priced the same, making it much easier to choose the pattern the looks best in your pool and to your wallet.
If you don't see you shape or subsequent size pool we can still get a liner for you. Just fill out and submit the vinyl liner measurement form and we will get you a quote.  Usually within 24 hours. 
Select a Pool Shape Below to see available sizes
Rectangle 12' x 14' In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 56416
Rectangle Pool Liners
Octagon 15' x 15' In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 56425
Octagon Pool Liners
Emerald/Grecian 13' x 24.5' In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 56429
Emerald / Grecian Pool Liners
14' x 28' Oval In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 56434
Oval Pool Liners
Kidney 14' x 28' In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 56440
Kidney Pool Liners
Martinique 16'x 32' In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 57129
Martinique Pool Liners
True-L 16' x 38' x 26' In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 57140
True-L Pool Liners
Roman End 16' 3" x 31' 7" In/On Ground Pool Vinyl Liner | 42" Wall Height | 57193
Roman Pool Liners
When doing a replacement pool liner and in order to ensure the proper fit the exact pool dimensions will be required. There are a few possible ways to get the exact pool dimensions for proper liner fit:
  1. Serial Number:
    A new liner can usually be made from the serial number of the liner being replaced.
  2. Dig Specifications:
    If the dig specifications for the original pool dig are available they will usually work fine for making a liner.
  3. Measurement Form:
    Fill out this standard measurement form as completely as possible.
Regardless of the method used to obtain the liner dimensions we will always send you a drawing from the manufacturer for your approval of the pool dimensions. This drawing is what will be what is used to make the liner. We will send it to you via email for you to review and if all of the dimensions are correct you should mark as approved, sign, date and return back to us. We will not make a liner until we have confirmation of the pool dimensions.
Order your swimming pool with one of these swimming pool liners and you'll have a leading edge display of tile border and print wall that is sure to give other in ground pool owners a run for their money when it comes to style. We will contact you to verify all swimming pool vinyl liner sizes and patterns.
Inground pool liners from GLI, Tara, Latham, Pacific, Hydra, McEwin and Merlin.
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