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General Inground Pool Construction Information

Constructing an inground swimming pool is no easy task, but it's not all that complex either. One thing you' ll need to be able to do is stay on top of the progress and always be two steps ahead so you don't have any big surprises. We have created a photo gallery consisting of images from various stages of the swimming pool construction process.
If you have any questions concerning the exact process please feel free to contact us at 888-352-7582.  This Series of Images also contains some images of inground polymer wall pools, but the concept behind the image is independent of steel vs.polymer wall.

Swimming Pool Construction Photo Series:

  1. Excavation - One of the most important steps in pool construction
  2. Putting up the Walls - Another pretty exacting process
  3. Pouring the Perimeter Concrete Footer
  4. General Pool Plumbing Layout - Information
  5. Skimmer Positioning on the pool wall
  6. Pool Light
  7. Pool Return
  8. Filter System Plumbing
  9. Pool Krete Bottom (or Sand Cement Mix)
  10. Vinyl Liner Installation

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